Application Editing Photo For Smartphone Android

Here are some photo editing apps for android, so that you can process the results of your photos. With the help of this application you can get amazing results

1. Photo Grid

A photo editing application on android platform is quite popular today. This application would not be difficult for users in the operation. In the application of this Grid Phoro you can combine some of your favorite photos into one in the frame provided. This apliaksi also menyadiakan effects - effects that you can use to beautify your every photo shots, therein also provided several collections of clip art that can also be utilized.

2. Lab PRO

Is a photo editing application that is very interesting, the user is given the ease of application of the Lab PRO. You can contact icon degan expression cold, animated photo caricatures, e-cards and mobile phone wallpaper using the application. Just download the application directly on google play, free.

3. Pics Art

Is a photo editing app on Android that is equipped with many exciting features to be used to its users, such as the effects of diverse and also the user can combine them with various forms of photo framIn addition, the application can be added Pics Art Text on the desired photo.

4. VSCO Cam®

Is a recent photo editing application for the android platform. with this application you can produce a captivating photo quality, this application also comes with several features like photo effects, there is an image filter, and you can also instantly share the results of your photos on social networks such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and much more. Curious? please download in the Play Store, FREE.

5. FotoRus

A recent photo editing application that is packed with cool style display screen as well as on InstaMag or PIP camera. Features offered are diverse, including InstaMag that will help you in giving effect to the photo frame cool and not boring, then PIP Camera (Photo in camera photos) This feature allows you to edit photos and can be directly used as a profile picture. Pro Edit, with this feature you can mengedeit photos by adjusting brightness or add text in the image. The latter is Collage, if you like the classic style frame, you can use this feature, in which there are many choices that you can use a frame.

6. B612

Applications Editor B612 New Breakthrough LineB612 a photo editing android app which is now being used by the user crowded Smartphone Android is no exception. Application made by Line Corp has a rich filter therein. In addition to the hobby users take pictures with the grid model, application B612 is suitable for you. B612 This application can be downloaded for free in the Play Store, but the photo editing application can only be enjoyed by Android Jelly Bean OS and above.

7. Camera 360

Is a photo editor application that increasingly booming since the features - available fitu was later favored by photo enthusiasts especially those who like "shelfie". In the Camera application 360, there are the effects - effects that are packed camera which vary according to the category concerned. In addition, this application was simple packaged so no trouble users. Another feature is a frame that can also be used but can only be used when the Online position.

8. After Focus

Other photo editing application that is now rampant in the Android user is After Focus. This application is able to give you a photo editing capabilities where you are able to make a point to focus on yourself and make blur on around you.

9. Instamag

Latest photo editing application One more photo editing application that you can try on your android device is Instamag. Photo editing application this one also has some features that are capable of adding beauty to your shots. In the application Instamag there are also some design - a unique design that is able to design photo - you select a photo automatically. Another feature of this application is a grid maker who is able to combine some of your photos become more beautiful design. Let's immediate download at PlayStore.


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