Samsung Galaxy S8: Specs, Features, Rumors, And Everything You Should Know

Samsung Galaxy S8: Specs, Features, Rumors, And Everything You Should Know. Might be that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has recently been a nightmare for the company, but that's not going to make that one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world give struggling to defeat other rivals in the high-end. Thus, recently emerged rumors that point to that the company could release a new tablet by early 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Specs, Features, Rumors, And Everything You Should Know
Samsung Galaxy S8: Specs, Features, Rumors, And Everything You Should Know

And although the S7 Galaxy and Galaxy S7 Edge had a great reception from the public, the company's reputation has been tainted. However, Samsung always aspires to be at the forefront of technology. We are sure that will stop this horrible problem back to focus all their efforts on investigating what happened and not repeat mistakes with the Galaxy S8.

It hopes that the S8 Galaxy have an aesthetic similar to the present, with outer body equally between glass and metal. Also, one of the features that count is expected resistance to fresh water in a meter deep. Also, Samsung is a company phone to keep track of Apple, which is also supposed to remove the headphone jack to confront competition.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Chipset

Expected own Galaxy S8 chipset is the Exynos 8895 which has an ARM Mali-G71 graphics unit, and that is up to 1.8 times more potent at the part graphic as the Galaxy S7. At the same time chipset also boasts improved energy efficiency by mentioning some of their characteristics. The other variant will equip Snapdragon 830 chipset.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and edge S7 is taking the smartphone world by storm. That said, a shape begins to form around Galaxy S8 next year and it could be released early to offset the consequences of the note 7. The latest speculation is confirming earlier speculation of AndroidPIT, which Samsung could use Exynos 8895 chipset. This kind of is what we know so far about the price tag on Galaxy S8, release date, requirements, and features.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S7 had more or less standard specifications for devices logo launched in early 2016. This high-end processor was supported with 4 GB of RAM and device performs extremely well in our benchmark tests.

Speeds of S8 looks set to yield even greater heights with an Exynos chipset claims to be capable of up to 4 GHz.

A strange chain of events could explain our previous information that the Exynos 8895 processor could be used in the S8 in the Galaxy. The report of detention may have revealed the core processor 10 that Samsung will use next year on its next flagship. The chipset makes use again G71 Mali GPU's arm, which is rumored to be 1.8 times faster than the Mali-T880 MP12 GPU in the Galaxy S7.

Take notes

While the S7 had made improvements to his design of its predecessor, it had specifications similar to the Galaxy Note 5 released six months earlier. And this follows the previous versions of the series Galaxy Note. For that, the previous Samsung tablet generation usually gives us a preview of the following specifications of the vessel Galaxy logo.

The Galaxy Note 7 has been announced, and we have already had the opportunity to try it. Suffice it to say, and we are impressed. One thing that is very clear is that 7 note more than close shares design DNA with the Galaxy S series, with the convergence of borders, whether it is large or small – through the flagships of Samsung.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Display and resolution

According to some sources, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature 4K resolution screen. Speculations have been made stronger since the company presented a prototype of 4K resolution with a solid size for a cell phone during one of his last lectures.
But this is not the only pleasure in the view that you will enjoy our eyes when we see the screen of the mobile, but it is expected that the company put all meat on the spit in the technology of virtual reality. The public also hopes that Galaxy S8 is curved on both sides.

Google announced in its I/o at the beginning of this year that Android Developer Conference nougat with VR support baked into the operating system. This platform is called Daydream, and to support devices, must meet a certain specification defined by Google sheet.

While these specifications have not yet become public, several devices have already been confirmed or even released which are certified ready for daydreaming. Amongst this device is the Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe, which has a screen Full HD, recommending that it is the minimum requirement in the front of the display screen
However, the latest rumor of S8 of the Galaxy by, suggests that Samsung wants future appliance equipped with a screen of 4 K. In fact, the codename is rumored for the project Galaxy S8 - project dream - flirtatiously points to Daydream, making it a focus on VR does not seem anything likely.

Samsung recently showed a 5.5 inch 4 K screen, suggesting serious progress towards laying a screen inside of the next generation of the Galaxy S. series

Date price and launch Samsung Galaxy S8

New speculation arose that the launch of Galaxy S8 could be as a form of Samsung fast track offset the consequences of the note 7. While this sounds like a good theory, each year Samsung introduces its new line of Galaxy S at Mobile World Congress. The Galaxy S devices are primarily the most critical tools in a large and widely-publicized Technology Conference. It would be an unusual move for Samsung to renounce use of MWC as a launch pad, but it is still possible.

The price for the Samsung Galaxy S7 was there with more expensive phones around. It is currently around $579 but started out in the range $700 for most providers. Since S7 Galaxy improves the specifications of the S6 and the price reflects this we could expect to see a price similar to the S8 progression.

Samsung Galaxy S8 design

The Korea Herald wrote Samsung plans to strengthen its line of the flag, with phones in the coming year be honed to the curve just sample. This paves the way for a single Galaxy S8 device, the shape of the Galaxy S line was produced until the S5 Galaxy.

If this assertion proves correct, it would mean a significant one of the most popular families of the world change smartphone. A change like this would mean that the sample curved edge had become the most popular choice for Samsung customers.

We hope to see significant shifts in the S8 of the Galaxy and are not alone. Designer Steel Drake threw his hat into the ring to design the new flagship device, and we look forward to seeing some of them in the year 2017. We have already seen some interesting design concepts for the S8 but we desperately want these.

Design ideas for the Samsung Galaxy S8

This makes the screen take much more of the front of the device and an excellent appearance for those who seek a better screen experience. For us, the back of the device in the design renderings are equally interesting. The back has a brushed steel appearance. In the upper part of the steel device Drake also includes a projector, which is interesting, but probably it is not practical for a smartphone that could be taxed too much battery.

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Features Samsung Galaxy S8

Until now, speculations about the characteristics of the Galaxy S8 were futurists. Of course, the Galaxy S7 had some exciting features like waterproofing. Samsung S7active took its durability one step further. We look forward to seeing the shatter-resistant screen on the asset in the S8 in the Galaxy.

An interesting feature that might accompany the S8 Galaxy is a new laser dedicated to measuring the heart rate through the skin. This came to us through

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