10 Best and Fastest Antivirus for Android in 2015

Along with the popularity of the Android mobile platform, a growing number of viruses and malicious malware that attack the smartphone. Moreover, that Android is an operating system (open source) for mobile phones that can be developed and researched by anyone. Since being acquired by Google in 2005, Android OS is increasingly popular among the people of the world.

Many android devices and applications that have been created to pamper the Android mobile phone users. Openness and ease in making the android application is supported by many references and references to make Android as a new land to earn money for the developers of mobile applications and smartphones. Of course, this is also the main reason for hackers to create viruses and malware on the Android phones that can harm the user with harness security holes in the operating system Android.

Viruses and malware on the Android phones typically utilize Wi-Fi available on most smartphones to transmit confidential data without the knowledge pal Technology Center. Confidential data will be recorded in a file at the time of online shopping transactions or perform other online activities via the web browser of Android phones then the file will be sent secretly to the creator of the virus through the Wi-Fi features simultaneously when surfing fun buddy Technology Center uses smartphone. The confidential data can include usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, or internet banking access codes.

But my friend did not have to worry about the technology center, to prevent or remove malicious viruses and malware that you can use some free Android antivirus application that can be downloaded directly through Google Play. Only available Android antivirus very much and often makes us confused selection.

AVTest recently, an independent agency antivirus researchers, in March 2015 put through research and testing to some well-known antivirus Android. The result was quite startling of 41 tested antivirus Android with more than 18 types of viruses and malware malignant only 10 Android antivirus that can survive on Android phones and remove it with 90% accuracy.

10 Best Antivirus For Android HP 2015:

  • Kaspersky Mobile Security
  • Avast! Free Mobile Security
  • Dr.Web anti-virus Light
  • F-Secure Mobile Security
  • MYAndroid Protection
  • IKARUS mobile.security LITE
  • Lookout Security & Antivirus
  • McAfee Mobile Security
  • Zoner AntiVirus Free
  • NQ Mobile Security

Well, once you know the 10 best Android antivirus application in 2015 for smartphones and mobile platform Android OS, now lives alone antivirus Android choosing which one is best suited according buddy installed on Android phones pal. But my friend do not forget that this Android antivirus application, can also increase the performance of processor at the time of Android applications run coincide so Android mobile phone battery will be quickly exhausted. Therefore, it is also necessary a battery saving battery life in order to be durable and long lasting.

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