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Music is entertainment that make your life more colorful atmosphere that makes your spirit burning in the run. And of course, make your memories came back to the ancient times even romantic times you get back up with the people you care about. This present age, where technology is everywhere and can be taken anywhere, including music that you can enjoy anywhere you want.

We still remember the days of the Walkman to the iPod technology of his day is very popular and popular music player now commonly used and without the use of the rose is able to run the music and always we carry every day is a smartphone. For those of you who have android smartphone must already have a built-in music player of google with the name GooglePlay Music that users can use Jellybean Android 4.1 and above. But it sometimes makes some users still lack Yemen usage and less complete.

Indeed some android smartphone vendor provides a different look but still use the same function as well. For those of you who want to use music player that has a lot of functions, below is a list of android music player that makes you interested to add it in your android smartphone.

Google Play Music (Free)

Google Play Music be the default music player application in Android 4.1 Jellybean upwards. This application is a development of the previous default Android music player. Google Play Music has the ability to sort the music based on artist, song title, album, or create playlists. There is a choice of equalizer settings in the Google Play Music. This application also supports the playback of music files from the cloud, so that users can upload their music to the music library in the Google cloud services, and can be played anytime, anywhere.

Poweramp Music Player (paid and trial)

By using Poweramp, almost all the formats you can play music files such as mp3, wma, ogg, mpc, and others. You can also adjust the music player from the lyrics, sound, equalizer, to create your own playlist. Poweramp also has a widget when the lockscreen, so that you can use when the screen is locked. Unfortunately this application, but you can pay using trial beforehand or can use the application apk that you can find yourself

Dood's Music Streamer (paid and trial)

Want to hear the latest mp3 song, but the memory card is not sufficient? You should only use the streaming song Dood's Music Streamer, with an internet connection you can keep the cache songs you want to listen to. Do not overload the memory card but can still get the latest songs every day.

PlayerPro Music Player (paid and trial)

PlayerPro comes with various options for lock screen widget that gives you quick access to the main functions of this music player. Such Poweramp, lyrics and album can be displayed while music is playing

N7player Music Player (Free)

N7player application creates a unique experience when you use it: music player interface is presented with a view "tag cloud" by artist or song name appears on your screen in almost seen every song sheet. Overall interface is very impressive, and n7player even comes with its own EQ with haptic feedback. It really looks sangant applications already impressive with a very nice creativity.

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