The Best Video Editing Apps For Android

Leading to a current operating system, android app has more than 1 million applications, the number of applications you may have difficulty in finding application you need, let alone seeking applications for android video editor. It was not only a photo editor android apps are commonly used devices with this OS to exist in the event to capture the moment. Google itself seems ready to fill the void in terms of android apps to edit this video.

You do not need to doubt these applications, most people are still unsure of the quality edits if you use android phone. You can get many of these applications in the google play store, but if you've got a choice which one would you use? to help search for a suitable application, I present a few reviews of the best video editor app for android below:

1. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto is a video editing tool that essentially converts you're video collection  into stunning movies with. All you have to do is choose two or more video clips, select the soundtrack that you want to add and press processing button, and wait a few minutes of a program to convert. Magisto you can use to create movies like a very professionally

2. VidTrim (Video Trimmer)

Let's start with the most basic applications, video editor application VidTrim is simple, all you need to cut or cut video by moving the white circle that appears at the beginning and end of the video, so that you can reduce the duration of a video. This application also includes several tool to compress, making the frame, the ability to change the video code, or implement stunning visual effects to your video. You can also extract audio tracks and save them as mp3 files, the memory card You. You can share with your friends directly through the app and upload to YouTube faster.

3. AndroVid Video Editor

You can cut and remove sections of your video you do not like, apply transitions to apply effects such as fade between making video, or make the screen frame. You can cut, merge, split, transcode, add music, text, video frames, apply effects, create Slideshow and share your videos. You can also convert your videos to in mp3 format.

4. VideoShow Video Editor & Maker

Want to edit videos renewal last year even though more and more cross-eyed? Confused find suitable application to edit video directly on the Android? VideoShow Pro'll turn you into a professional video editor to provide a variety of special effects, adding music and images to video, multiple subltitles and so forth. Can also merge multiple video formats into a single video file intact.

Reference : Google Play Store

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