Samsung Galaxy J7: Full Review

Samsung Galaxy J7: Full Review

Design Samsung Galaxy J7

Review of Samsung Galaxy J7, the largest of all the J line of Samsung and  more specifications. This team I liked very much because it is very similar to the Galaxy Note 1 one of the phones that I liked most. If we see the team from the front you will find at the top; Flash for camera selfies, headset for calls, logo mark, proximity sensors, and the front camera of 5 MP. Under a screen of 5.5 "with HD resolution, 1280 x 720 pixels with Super AMOLED technology, at the bottom is the navigation buttons keypad; multitasking, home and back. These buttons are backlit.

On the right side we have the power and the left button the keypad's volume. At the bottom there is a microphone, the port micro USB for charging and the Jack of 3.5 for hearing aids. The top of the frame is completely clean.

The rear part of the equipment is made in plastic, such as in the range e. above will see the speaker, 13 MP rear camera and Led Flash and under the symbol LTE, to indicate that this model has that connectivity.

Undoubtedly one of the best screens that you can find in this range terminals. The sharpness is very good because resolution is HD, shines enough, their viewing angles are excellent, as all screen AMOLED slightly more saturated colors and makes them more salient than the natives. Some people like to as well, and others may have different tastes. The speaker sounds very good, much better than the ranges E or Samsung, but does not surprise against other brands and mid-range computers.

Cameras Samsung Galaxy J7

The front panel is the best I've tried so far within the middle range, its lens is very large because the results are very good, with good light pictures will leave you more than satisfied, with low-light software trying to compensate for increasing the exposure time however this may be complicated us since any movement can spoil the photo. Obviously in this situation you must use Flash to take advantage of the light. In conclusion, it is very good.
The rear camera is very fast as well as the approach, features; HDR unlike the J5, the burst mode (allowing us to take several pictures if you hold down the button), the PRO mode Samsung (with which we can change some settings to improve photos) and feature instant photo with two touch the Home button. If you're of living taking pictures I recommend this phone.

Software Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung always adds extras in their range medium high such as; the multi-view, private mode, or use with one hand, none of these comes with the J7, the only one who comes is "ultra energy saving" mode and the choice of themes that change you whole interface and customize your phone somehow. The coat is very clean and light, very few applications added, basically that Google requires and the office. Everything works very fluid and being a clean coat, without so many additional features, works pretty fast.

Samsung Galaxy J7 comes with 5.1 ANDROID Lollipop, it runs very nicely and it can be customized, however a team of this size the window multi strange.

Hardware Samsung Galaxy J7

There are 2 models of this terminal one with a processor Exynos 7580 of eight cores and other six-core processor Snapdragon 615, both come with GPU MALI 720, 16 GB of internal storage, 1.5 GB of RAM and the possibility of increasing up to 128 GB memory with a micro USB.
To test the performance of the team I tried in three games each for a different requirement. Basic games like the Candy Crush run to 54 frames per second (the perfect figure which must run a game is at 60 frames per second and above 30 is a pretty good figure) and heavier games like Need for Speed raced to 42 frames per second. These good results come from the combination of the screen (which is only HD and does not require both as a Full HD or a QHD), the CPU and processor. Multitasking works smoothly, applications can be changed very easily, and finally the battery life is very good. We additionally have the normal power saving mode, which limits the use of processor with which everything will run less fluid, but you can extend the use of the battery. Finally do not worry for autonomy, since the charge will last without problems a full day.

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