Sony Xperia XZ Full Phone Specifications and Review

Sony Xperia XZ  Full Phone Specifications and Analysis of the Sony Xperia XZ. We have already tested the Sony Xperia XZ and the truth is that the feelings that we have obtained from him and which we will discuss are disparate, since in some sections, the satisfaction is full and, in others, there are clear aspects that can be improved - something that surely occurring with the evolution of this product range, it seems It has come to stay-. By the way, some details make different this device so as usual gives this step by the Japanese manufacturer.

Sony Xperia XZ  Full Phone Specifications and Review

To begin with, is to comment in the analysis of the Sony Xperia XZ one of the first things we check and that it should be noted is the return of protection against water and dust that incorporates (IP68 standard, the same as the one used by Samsung and something better than the iPhone 7 in relation to depth and time). This is a good detail and means to continue with something in which Sony pioneered with the Xperia Z and that, seen as it is the high-end product - we mean the disputed-, is not a matter to be left eating the "toast" in something like this.

Apart from the return mentioned above, notably before talking about specific sections that this model remains one of the elements that we believe that it is differential in this company more powerful devices: integrating the fingerprint reader on the power button. This continues to be one of the most efficient and fast that we have tested to date and, due to its location, is ideal for options like checking out the phone. Also, the use for other tasks has the advantage of ergonomics attachment is in an accessible place fast and convenient. Success to give continuity, there is no doubt.

Now, let the feelings and opinions that we have obtained in the analysis of the Sony Xperia XZ, bet this year by the high end of one of the largest technological companies of the market and struggling to maintain an excellent option in more powerful Android handsets market.

Since I get design OmniBalance to Sony the look of their models is quite recognizable. Evident from the moment that we have commented has evolved (e.g. the power button is very different and, as we have said before, now integrates fingerprint reader). The case is if a model such for example the Sony Xperia XZ is quickly is known belonging to this manufacturer without seeing its brand. This positive, because dota of an identity to the terminals, something that all company seeks and that in this case, Sony has achieved from already makes time.

In short, we are before a phone very well defined lines where the curves are fair and necessary, but that provides continuity in its structure which makes it very convenient to use about the grip. Dimensions not it is nothing wrong, highlighting a thickness of only 8.1 mm keeping the significant progress that the company has given here. In this analysis of the Sony Xperia XZ we have also discovered a model with a balanced weight, but that doesn't stand out compared to other models in the market, that is true. In a nutshell, this is the continuity that we mentioned.

Now talk about the strangeness, and this is none other than the position of the hardware buttons (since own Android control integrated into the display, which is already very common and the operating system is designed just for this, but having return subtract inches of efficient use sometimes). The case is that the power button is quite focused and not manipulated evil, while those relating to the management of the volume are under this... instead of up as the usual. This fool a bit and while handling isn't all bad, to more than one surely past time finger are going elsewhere. Finally, on the right side there is only one more element: the button to take photos directly - triggers, which gives access to the camera application and used for times.

The tray for the SIM card and microSD is on the left side of the terminal. There is good news, already this opens without having to make use of a punch tool, so at any time and place it is possible to make a change or removal (eye opening this terminal turns off automatically). And all this, while maintaining compatibility with IP68, excellent news. In the lower part of the device as we've seen in the analysis of the Sony Xperia XZ is USB port type C and at the top of their own to the headphone jack (Yes, it is type 3.5 mm jack, and is that if one thing works - and well to what change it if the gain is not capital?).

Comes time to discuss what we believe is the surprise. And this arrives in the form of the material of manufacture. Now that already include metal housing commonplace in high-end product... comes to announce if the chosen and integrated is better than the neighbor. Thus, for example, the iPhone 7 use aluminum 7000, while the Sony Xperia XZ is ALKALEIDO. Without going into details of composition that has no effect on the day to day, are two issues that you should know: its strength is high and excellent grip (not nothing drains). The feeling to grab the device first transmits possible weak - what is not-, and in what refers to traces brand this is neither better nor worse than other models we tested, but it improves on previous devices of the brand. Surprise positive is a differential part, and therefore something that is not easy today.

In short, we have an attractive model, is not disruptor but includes enough news so the attention. Leaving aside the placement of the buttons can be said that management is comfortable, but is somewhat longer than is desirable (what includes two front speakers, an excellent reproduction and maintaining the stereo bet that long does Sony). A good way to begin the analysis of the Sony Xperia XZ.

Performance Sony Xperia XZ: better than expected

The first thing that must be taken into consideration is that this model is aimed at the high-end product, so you have to wait in line with this results. When we review the essential components of this device, the first thing that comes to mind is is on the right track, since the processor is a Snapdragon 820 quad-core that works to 2.15 GHz. This component is no longer his good mark on the market, as well as the Integrated GPU Adreno 530 - main culprit that such applications will be as a real "kick", I must say it.

Here all right, but the real surprise is that is seeing the phone comes with only 3 GB of RAM, so this can be done thinking that in the analysis the Sony Xperia XZ suffered because of this. Because the truth is that not so, since the feeling of fluidity is vast and able to multi-tasking is not appreciated an apparent delay. Thus, it seems clear that Android 6.0 merged with the interface of the company - who abuses the bloatware itself, everything must be said even though there are options like the app for PlayStation that is thank - has found a good point of "fusion" for which results are then always are among the best (but not to become it):

It is true that when you open the camera application, for example, note what time as in other models not... but this isn't their  hardware, but the user interface which is having to be over early to complete the process. But, in General, in the analysis of the Sony Xperia XZ we discover a terminal suitable for all kinds of users and needs, generating satisfaction high when using it in every day.

In what refers to the autonomy, the terminal response is correct. I.e., that what is considered minimum which is a day-use is achieved without the slightest problem. In addition, there are a few saving modes that mixed logic constraints that activate and effectiveness. 2,900 mAh battery is sufficient (with rapid charging that not abusing the temperature and the measured times meets the average that can be expected), but it is equally true that despite the good do in General is not the best model that we have tested to date.

If the use is every day, a day and a half the cons guide without any problems, and with the screen on from constant reach the 6 hours is not a chimera. That Yes, if abused brightness is not an actual suffering more than expected... but this is something that is worthwhile to happen as we are going to discuss at the next point of the analysis of the Sony Xperia XZ.

Screen Sony Xperia XZ: as always quite well

Some hoped that with the Sony Xperia XZ reached the final leap to QHD by the Japanese company. But the truth is that for the moment remains unchanged in the decision that the resolution is Full HD for its 5.2-inch panel. And, the fact is that it makes sense about the autonomy and, also, as the pixel density reaches the 424 ppp (more than enough for the human eye), which should be assessed is whether the images are quality.
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