Tips to Save Quota Internet for Android

For smartphone users are always updated with social media, of course you always count on unlimited data package on offer from each provider.

Unfortunately, the majority of smartphone users only know basic ways to process data packets that quota is not quickly run out before his time. Rather than downsize the quota of data packets, said `unlimited` for the users of the package is likely only a mere dream.

The cause is most of the smartphone users prefer to download an application to the memory load is so big and mobile game play online without using a Wi-Fi connection support.

It automatically suck quotas internet data packets more than they should be used. `Konservatif` way is likely to be altered in some way so that you can be more telling save your internet quota of data packets and do not need to spend more again when run out of the package.

Here are three surefire ways to save quotas internet data packets that you do not spend a single kilobyte-even for something that is not necessary. Check out his review.

Change your Maps` `feature to Offline Mode

You certainly are not aware that the Maps feature is available on your smartphone turns drain your Internet data. Unfortunately, many smartphone users who do not think of that actually Maps uses GPS service which turned out to drain the Internet data, especially if you use it to service the built-in navigation, turn-by-turn directions, see the traffic in real time, or view the map with satellite mode ,

Neither of the two Maps features are available on both iOS and Android devices have an offline mode. For Android, tap the Search Bar at the top of the Maps application, slide and hold down to meet `Save folder option to use offline` and select the save option to switch to offline mode. For Apple, you just change the mode to flight mode. Another way not to interfere with GPS feature which turns out to suck your internet data is by using the application in which you continue to use GPS navigation and turn-by-turn Reviews directions offline.

Use Application `Mailbox` For Purposes Email

You must know that when using the email feature, download and upload attachments with large data will suck your Internet data. It should be noted also, if you open an email message from your colleague was also still going to suck up the data, although not as big as when downloading or uploading an attachment.

The iOS and Android users can download the application Mailbox course of Dropbox are available on both devices. This application will certainly help you to store data that should not be sucked in when using email on your smartphone fixed applications.

Disposable Browser More Efficient

Trust me, the default browser application that is already on your smartphone does have many advantages, but it turns out to suck your internet data so large.

Try to download a more efficient browser such as Opera Mini is capable of storing your data in the primary to compress the websites you visit. The browser also has a data-saving features `boost` video buffer which is able to reduce the process and is able to optimize image quality without the need to suck up large Internet data.

In fact, when you have a lot of data or use Wi-Fi, Opera Mini will turn off the data-saving features which you will gain a good browsing experience and perfect. To access the data-saving options Opera Mini, touch `O` under Opera Mini and touch screen area with the words` Savings enabled`.

Interestingly, it turns out Google Chrome is not the main browser Android device. However, you can still outsmart the browser to remain frugal when browsing the internet connection. The trick, open Chrome, three-point touch the icon on the top right, select Settings, then tap and select Data Bandwidth Saver to turn off saving the data.
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