7 Best Apps of Compasses Android

7 Best Apps of Compasses Android. Need to constantly know your location for work? You work or are traveling through the countryside and want to know where you are? There are Android apps to display compass on your phone to help you know exactly where the North at all times.
Many of the applications that we are presenting in our top are used by professionals in rescue work or mountain climbing instructors, so you can get an idea of the accuracy that they are able to offer.

Smart Compass

Smart Compass is one of the components of the Smart Tools package and serves to orient yourself using magnetic sensor built into the phone. The app has several interesting features: it has metal detector and allows the sending of information GPS via SMS and email.
Smart Compass has built-in sensor controller and displays a vertical line for the Lensatic compass and a chart of magnetic field. This app has different types of coordinates (UTM) and coordinates military (MGRS).

GPS compass
GPS compass is a simple utility with a user friendly interface. With it you can share location where you are with friends, either via email or social networks.
This app offers in addition the longitude and latitude where you are very neat and simple images and will always help us to find directions established at any time.

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Marine Compass
As its name implies is a compass marine that will help us to know our position at all times from our phone. The app supports themes in 3D with what you can observe your traditional compass or other more modern and colorful.
Marine Compass will show your location using GPS terminal system, and under the head will show the latitude and longitude where you are.

PRO compass
As the previous app, PRO compass is a compass on our phone that shows the direction of North, South, East and West.
This app features a rotating bezel of large size, a professional design and large numbers for better viewing. Compass PRO can run in the background by pressing the button "menu" on your Android.

3D Compass
The 3D Compass app is a useful tool to follow the address that you specify. It does not require Internet connection since it uses your Android GPS data.
3D Compass displays elegant and simple graphics that will give you basic information about your location at any time.

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Compass level
With the application level compass you can take advantage of Compass, level and integrated into one screen and accurate GPS tools. In addition to giving you the geographic location and the helpful magnetic North can serve you in furniture placement, hang a shelf or a picture.
The app allows you to find and keep track of the correct address and information of your current position or a destination location, or even find your car parked through the function of target location.
Among the features of the app allows the manual compass calibration and the level, as well as powerful features of GPS to set target location and find direction and distance.

Compass 360 Pro free
360 compass is a compass that you can use for most of your activities outdoor activities such as trips, picnics, camping, hiking or excursions by boat. All the features of this app are equipped with precision worldwide.
The app is very easy to use and features a professional design of the rose of the winds, which oscillates in a natural way and is aimed at a glance. Decimal bearing provides detailed guidance. The cardinal dial offers a quick way to express the general direction to others.
One of the key features is that true and magnetic north are available, but the application automatically takes care of its variation.

These applications that we have shown are simple but very useful for our purposes, providing basic data expected from any compass and a little more. The majority of it use the internal GPS of the Android phone and lets share our location with some social functions, something very used by campers, rescuers and lovers of outdoor exercise.
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