Some Uniqueness Android Apps

The sophistication of smart phone technology was making it impossible becomes possible. Even to this day is still a lot of people are reluctant to believe it before trying. Yes, there are many applications that function is considered unreasonable, but actually can work, and some are not working. Make sure you know what software programs for the Android platform that is unique and strange because it could be useful to you. The following reviews more:

1. Ants in Phone

One more application functions that are not clear, but it is widely used Android users, namely Ants in Phone. If using these applications, the smartphone you will see there are ants that walk and actually not a native ant but the animation. But looks like a native ants so it is quite disturbing. So this app is not useful at all, but quite decent as mere entertainment. Ants in Phone you can download in the Play Store:

2. Solar Charger

Solar Charger provides charging facilities for smartphone battery power. Solar Charger is reportedly utilize light sensor cell phone to charge the battery. With a few minutes put directly under the blazing sun, then you will see the battery level is rising on a smartphone.

Unfortunately Solar Charger into the category of entertainment in the Play Store so that the application is real just a joke. That is why this application has been criticized for being a mock application and smartphone technology currently does not have a charging facilities with solar power. Solar Charger is available on the Play Store for free:

3. Yo

An application that strange and utterly useless is Yo. Either there for what developers who create applications this strange. Yo indeed only has a function to send a short message with the word 'Yo' only to the users integrated mobile devices. Strange and unique is not it? Which makes it a 'terrible ;, turns Yo has a lot of users, reaching 1 million users. Reportedly the developers to make this application just a few hours. Why many people use this application useless? You can try:

4. Sonic Anti Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent most commonly usually contain active ingredients such as DEET, Citronella, or D-Allethrin. The content is very powerful because it is toxic repel mosquitoes. But what if an application can repel mosquitoes as well as insect repellent on the market? Strange and almost unbelievable. But you have to try it, namely the application Sonic Anti Mosquito Repellent.

This application will not release toxic substances from the phone mosquito repellent, but uses uses ultrasonic sound that is heard by the mosquitoes. According to the study of mosquitoes is quite sensitive listening to the sounds with frequencies so that this application provides a sound with a frequency option 22 KHz, 16 KHz, 26 KHz, 20 KHz to 12 KHz. You no longer have to be bothered with a pungent smell, or smoke from a conventional insect repellent when they take advantage of Anti Mosquito App. Download the Play Store:

5. Whiten Your Teeth

What do you do on your teeth every day to maintain and care for her? The right answer when you brush it with toothpaste or gargle with mouthwash fluid. In addition to maintain a healthy, also keeps the teeth stay clean and white. But if you want a more bizarre way you can use applications Whiten Your Teeth. This application is claimed will help whiten your teeth gradually. Very unreasonable and can not be trusted not?

Developers revealed that Whiten Your Teeth utilizes electromagnetic waves to whiten teeth. How to use it is with menaktifkan application, then when the display device is changed to white display, immediately open your mouth until the teeth look. Make sure the smartphone close to your teeth. This step is taken only 10 minutes in the morning and it would be better if the evenings are also performed. Download Whiten Your Teeth in the Play Store:

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